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Fast pickup, swift delivery. Trust us for urgent shipments that reach their destination securely.

Designated Delivery

Our scheduled delivery service provides reliable logistics support, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries with guaranteed windows


Trust us to pick up your package today and have it delivered to its destination by the next morning, providing you with peace of mind and timely service. We ensure timely collection of your time-sensitive or perishable goods within 1 hour of your initial inquiry.

At Theatis Logistics, we pride ourselves on offering same-day courier services that prioritize speed, reliability, and meeting tight deadlines. Our specialized same-day courier service ensures that packages, parcels, or goods dispatched with us reach their destination promptly, often within hours of being picked up.

We understand the importance of expedited delivery options for our clients’ urgent shipments. That’s why we go the extra mile to guarantee the swift and efficient transportation of your goods. With Theatis Logistics, you can trust that your time-sensitive deliveries are in capable hands.

Our same-day courier service is designed to provide peace of mind to our clients, knowing that their urgent shipments will be handled with the utmost care and delivered promptly. Experience the convenience and reliability of our same-day courier services, tailored to meet your specific needs, only at Theatis Logistics.


We understand that timing is crucial, which is why we provide a seamless designated delivery experience. Whether you need your shipment delivered to your home, office, or any other specific location, we’ve got you covered.

Our designated delivery service is designed to prioritize your convenience and ensure that your package reaches its destination exactly when and where you need it. Experience the ease and reliability of designated delivery with Theatis Logistics, your partner in efficient and tailored shipping solutions.


Vvernight delivery services designed to meet your urgent shipping needs. With overnight delivery, we ensure that your packages, parcels, or goods are swiftly transported and delivered within one business day, offering you unparalleled speed and reliability.

At Theatis Logistics, we understand the importance of prompt delivery, which is why we offer an efficient overnight delivery option. Whether you need to send important documents, time-sensitive materials, or urgent shipments, our overnight delivery service guarantees their arrival by the next business day.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind of overnight delivery with Theatis Logistics. Trust us to handle your expedited shipping needs with care and precision, ensuring your packages reach their destination swiftly and securely. Choose Theatis Logistics for reliable overnight delivery services tailored to your requirements.

Multidrop Delivery

Our multi-drop delivery service optimizes delivery routes to ensure that multiple orders are fulfilled in the most efficient manner possible.

By consolidating multiple shipments into one route, we help businesses minimize transportation costs and reduce carbon emissions. Our dedicated team of logistics experts leverages advanced technology and expertise to design optimized routes that save both time and resources.

Experience the benefits of multi-drop delivery with Theatis Logistics. Let us help you streamline your shipping operations, increase efficiency, and save valuable time and money.